Services Provided

Mobile Dental Hygiene Services that come to you!

Introducing a new way of receiving dental hygiene care. We can provide professional registered Dental Hygiene Services in the comfort of your own residence, retirement home, workplace or long-term care facility.

In-Office Dental Hygiene Services.

Rural Roots also provides in-office dental hygiene care for anyone that wishes to receive these services in a comfortable relaxed office setting. These services are available at 43 Madawaska St., Arnprior, Ontario.

Initial Assessment.

All new patients are advised to undergo a complete oral examination and assessment to determine the state of their oral health and identify any areas of concern. Medical and Dental histories are noted and recorded for future reference.


Scaling removes tartar (calculus) and plaque leaving a brighter smile and a fresh, clean feeling. Cleaning or scaling, removes tartar deposits (calculus) and plaque above and below the gum line to prevent gum disease (periodontitis). The time required to complete the cleaning depends on condition of the gums and the amount of tartar.


Polishing your teeth can be done between cleanings for those special reunions, job interviews, vacations, weddings or any type of special occasion.


Sensitivity caused by recession or abrasion can be treated with the application of a desensitizing agent that blocks the exposed dentin or root surface, reducing pain and sensitivity.

Fluoride Treatment.

Fluoride treatment helps strengthen tooth enamel and supports remineralization which helps to prevent or minimize sensitivity.

Sports Mouth Guards.

Compared to an athletic mouth guard purchased in a store, mouth guards fitted by registered dental hygienists include individual mouldings that can help prevent injuries in all types of sports. Because it is created from your own unique dental mould, it will be lighter, less bulky and more effective.

Whitening Treatments.

Our take-home professional ‘Zoom’ whitening treatments use scientifically advanced gel to whiten your teeth in an average of just three nights. After your Rural Roots independent registered dental hygienist takes an impression of your teeth and provides you with custom fitted trays you will start the whitening process at home and, by Monday, you’ll have a whole new smile!

Our Treatment Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy is geared toward improving and maintaining your oral health in order to help prevent future dental and medical problems.

Each and every patient is different; therefore, each treatment plan is different. After the first visit with a patient I may suggest follow up treatments at 3 months, 6 months or 9 month intervals depending on the patient’s needs. When required, referrals are made to the appropriate dental professional to treat decay and/or other problems that I may suspect.

As a Dental Hygienist I cannot diagnose any cavities/decay or other treatment; however, I can advise you of any concerns and provide referrals to a local dentist for diagnosis and possible treatment.

Our fees are based on the suggested fee guide as set by the “Ontario Dental Hygienists Association”. I offer rates that are generally less than a traditional dental office. I do accept insurance and will provide you with claim forms.

Examples of Some Insurance Providers

  • Great West Life
  • Sunlife
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Federal Pensioners Dental Plan
  • Retired Teachers of Ontario Plan
  • Green Shield
  • Desjardins
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Public Service Alliance


Ottawa and the Surrounding Areas
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